Steve’s Maiden Audio playlist

Steve has picked the ten Maiden tracks that best showcase the qualities of the Maiden Audio Ed-Ph0n3s.

“These tracks are some of the most dynamic in the Maiden catalogue and demonstrate just how well the guys at ONKYO did to make my vision a reality. I don’t think there is another product on the market that is better for our kind of music. I hope that you enjoy listening to ’em!”

Sill Life – Piece of Mind
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg – A Matter Of Life And Death
Sign Of The Cross – Rock In Rio
Empire Of The Clouds – The Book Of Souls
2 Mins To Midnight – Powerslave
Alexander The Great – Somewhere In Time
No More Lies – Death On The Road
Edge Of Darkness – The X Factor
When The Wild Wind Blows – The Final Frontier
Blood Brothers – Brave New World

Handy Spotify playlist.