Two and a half years in the making, these are no ordinary headphones...

They took an elite group of ONKYO engineers and a very exacting Steve Harris many months to develop, and there were plenty of sleepless nights along the way!

ED-PH0N3S are high-end, high-spec premium headphones that have to be heard to be believed. For discerning fans of Rock & Metal music, nothing else even comes close.

The Story of Maiden Audio

Iron Maiden and award-winning Japanese electronics company ONKYO have joined forces to create Maiden Audio, their first collaboration being studio-quality headphones.

Personally specified and tuned by Maiden founder member, bassist and co-producer Steve Harris, the bespoke on-ear ED-PH0N3S have been customised to Steve’s exacting sonic requirements so that they deliver the ultimate audio experience when listening to Iron Maiden or any rock and metal music.

Fitted with two customised 40mm titanium drivers they convey stunning clarity in the mid and high-frequency ranges. Just as importantly, their unique ported bass sub-chambers help create a beautifully deep, muscular bottom-end response.

The pure silver coating on the plug and selected thick-gauge signal cables help ensure an accurate signal transition from the source to driver. The non-detachable cable delivers an uninterrupted sound.

I knew that I would need some really good headphones to use when mixing the new Maiden studio album. I’d actually started looking into this about eighteen months prior to when we started recording because I’d been struggling to find a design which came even remotely close to what I felt was an acceptable sonic standard for rock/metal.

I wanted a good balance across the widest bandwidth incorporating a lot more mid range frequencies, something I strongly feel is vital to appreciate the complexities of our music and rock/metal in general.

A friend at Onkyo suggested I get in touch with the company and we have been working on them ever since, endlessly evaluating frequencies and modifying drive units, materials, cables and connectors until we achieved my ideal balance.

In Numbers

We’ve been locked away tinkering & tweaking for a very long time to get to this point…

232Days’ Development
22ONKYO Engineers
60Drive Unit Trials
34Sleepless Nights
14Cable Setups
1Steve Harris

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