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ED-PH0N3S are rolling out across the world!

If you live in the EU or the USA you can order your ED-PH0N3S today via the links below. Rest of the World – don’t worry, we’re bringing ED-PH0N3S to you in 2017.


Try and buy ED-PH0N3S at Richer Sounds and HMV stores around the UK.

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Order ED-PH0N3S directly from the ONKYO Webshop (EU countries only).

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Order ED-PH0N3S directly from ONKYO USA.

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ED-PH0N3S are now available from AMAZON.COM.

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Sign up for pre-order notification from ONKYO Japan. Available from 2017.

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Coming soon

In 2017 ED-PH0N3S will be available in many more countries. Stay tuned!

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