On-ear headphones that deliver even-handed power and detail at all frequencies.

Fitted with two customised 40mm titanium drivers they convey stunning clarity in the mid and high-frequency ranges. Just as importantly, their unique ported bass sub-chambers help create a beautifully deep, muscular bottom-end response.

The pure silver coating on the plug and selected thick-gauge signal cables help ensure an accurate signal transition from the source to driver. The non-detachable cable delivers an uninterrupted sound.

Tech Specs

Driver Type:Dynamic
(Titanium coated diaphragm)
Driver Size:40mm
Freq. Response:10Hz – 27kHz
Max Input Power:800mW
Pressure Level:105dB/mW
Impedance:32 Ohms
Cable Length:1.6m
Plug Type:3.5mm
Supplied Adapter:¼ inch (6.35mm)

ED-PH0N3S are suitable for studio, home and everyday use with smartphones and tablets.

Q: Why are these headphones good for Rock and Metal?

A: With total involvement from Steve Harris these headphones are balanced for clean highs and lows but also for the all important space in the mid-range to best display the dynamics and complexities of rock and metal music.

Q: What are the benefits of Titanium drive units?

A: Titanium is one of the strongest, lightest metals on earth which gives an ultra clean and highly accurate sound; a major requirement that Steve demanded before he would put the band’s name to them.

Q: Why the Silver contacts and not the commonly-used Gold?

A: Silver is the best conductor and does not influence the sound having no sonic character of its own. The cables are high performance multi-strand conductors with a fabric cover to further protect the signal.

Steve Harris

Founder & Co-Producer of Iron Maiden

Metal and all genres of Rock need clarity and presence in the mid-range to display the full sound spectrum. This was my key brief for ED-PH0N3S.

The other technical improvements were all done to achieve the ultimate dynamics in headphones for me, Maiden fans, and rock fans generally.

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